Pruning in a world of overcommitment

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When I was in college, you could say that I had a commitment problem – overcommitment.  If there was a spare 2-hour block in my day, you could count on me finding a way to fill it via student organizations.  Although ambitious, looking back I’m not sure that my strategy was the best.  I was constantly exhausted with meetings, projects, and obligations, most of which were not directly academic.  I loved each group I was involved in, but I wasn’t really able to give my best each because I had my hands in so much.

Sound familiar?  It is a perfect parallel with social media.

In today’s 2.0 world of social media madness, businesses and individuals can make a full time job out of managing all of their social media pages and profiles.  Although social media is a great tool for increasing consumer awareness and fostering loyal brand advocates, it doesn’t mean that businesses must take part in every outlet available.  Doing that will stretch you too thin and will prevent you from performing to your true potential.  No consumer wants to visit a half-hearted Facebook Page.

Instead, prune and hone your social media efforts.  Master the social media tools that are effective for your brand.  Build your presence on a select number of social media outlets so you can put forth your absolute best social media marketing efforts.

Where are your customers going and where are they engaging? Be there and be there well.

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