Feeling nostalgic

By Posted in - Social Media & Technology on October 11th, 2011 0 Comments

I love this post from Mashable today. (Actually, when do I not love a Mashable article?) However, it made me think in reverse…

The next generation will have a richer media experience than any other. They’ll have iPads in their earliest years, make touch interaction with text and media and have millions of ebooks at their disposal. It will be a world of constant connectivity where media consumption is a social experience – an act of sharing and engaging. People will be their own publishers, editors, distributors and DJs. Media consumption will be personalized, curated and customized to specific tastes – yet there will be an access to diversity much broader than before.

Yet, will there be anything lost when children don’t have the experience of folding down the corner of a book page or leafing through the classifieds section of the newspaper? Or renting a movie from the video store – and taking it back the next day? Rushing home to watch a TV show at its allotted time?

Our generation stands in between these two eras. What do you think should remain traditional, and what new media landscape should be imagined?

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