Carving Creative Ideas

By Posted in - Public Relations & Special Events & Uncategorized on October 28th, 2011 0 Comments

Finding different ways to get your creative juices flowing is always fun.  Take today, for example.  In honor of Halloween, Shelley requested that we carve an office pumpkin.  What a great idea it was, not only for team bonding but for brainstorming, as well.

First, Shelley picked out a template – thanks to the wonders of Google search – which I traced on the pumpkin that Kim so skillfully cleaned out.  Then Shelley and I took turns carving until we had our finished product (go teamwork!).

But the best part about the experience was the integrated brainstorming session for upcoming events while we carved away.  Who doesn’t love hitting two birds with one stone?  Doing so allowed us to be creative in more ways than one, which I believe ups the ante on quality of ideas.

Earlier this week Liza talked about getting out of your comfort zone to create innovative strategies and tactics for your clients.  This is the same idea.  Put a different spin on your brainstorming sessions and be pleasantly surprised with the creative results.

So I hope you enjoy pictures of our Minnie Mouse pumpkin that we created  today, and know you just might be enjoying the other event-brainstorming take-aways from our pumpkin carving session in the future.


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