25 Questions for the Future of PR and Journalism

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Today, Mollie and I had the chance to attend the Upstate SCPRSA November luncheon, featuring speaker Scott Hepburn from Media Emerging. His talk, titled “25 Questions for the Future of PR and Journalism,” was designed as a thought-provoking discussion on where the public relations industry is heading.

While I won’t post all 25 questions, below you’ll find a few of my favorites:

  1. Are all newspapers folding? Just some? Which ones? Why them?
  2. Plenty of people say newspapers will never die because people love the feel of newsprint. So if touch is so powerful, why are newspapers closing?
  3. If every newsroom closed its doors for good tomorrow morning, what would you do?
  4. Given what has happened to newspapers in ’08 and ’09, what skills do you wish you had further developed?
  5. If social media could help preserve journalism, would you be willing to comment, engage, etc. more openly, even if it raises questions about objectivity and fairness?
  6. Have you ever received a social media press release? How helpful/useful was it?
  7. How does the changing face of journalism change the life of a PR?
  8. Some argue a good pitch trumps a relationship with a reporter. Does the same argument apply w/bloggers, who are more “social”?
  9. Will the blogosphere adhere to the same standards of objectivity, fairness and truth as traditional journalists?
  10. Should colleges and universities still offer degree programs in print journalism?
The discussion reminds me of a recent journalist survey Liza conducted to her media contacts in the fishing and outdoor industry – and of a similar questionnaire I’m putting together for the architectural and design community.
So let’s keep the conversation moving. I’d love to see our blog readers take a stab at answering one (or more) of these questions in the comments section…


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