What if Greenville?

By Posted in - Community on September 13th, 2011 0 Comments

This post is for all of the Greenville residents like us. Maybe you’ve heard of the latest initiative here in town – but if not, you should check out www.whatifgreenville.com (or @whatifgvl on Twitter).

It’s a simple platform for the Greenville community to share – in 99 characters or less – ideas about what our town can be.

What if Greenville…

  • …developed more art spaces in the West End?
  • …had reverse-angle parking?
  • …County Schools were leading the nation in healthy food options and education for students?
  • …had three elephants at the zoo?
  • …had its own anthem?
Some responses promote specific organization and groups, focus on convenience or fun – the ideas are endless. It’s just one more step toward making our innovative community even better. So, fellow Greenvillians, what if?
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