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Yesterday, the whole country was answering Liza’s question, “What’s happened to you in 10 years?”

It’s not often that we sit back to reflect on the paths our lives have taken over the last 10 years; most of the time, the years just blur together.┬áNot surprisingly, though, most Americans can remember clearly where they were and what they were doing on Sept. 11, 2001. I was sitting in English class. And like most Americans, I spent yesterday thinking back to the events of that day.

At the time, most of us relied on traditional media to learn about the attacks. We stationed ourselves in front of the T.V. and picked up the newspaper to find out what was unfolding. Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist, and blogging hadn’t become a mainstream source of news. But still, there were some who relied on the internet to provide updates.

During a summer visit to the Newseum in Washington, D.C., I was able to see hundreds of newspapers and T.V. broadcasts from Sept. 12, 2001. It was fascinating to see all the media coverage in one place, but I remember thinking, “What about the internet? What did it look like on that day?” A recent article, What the Front Pages of the Web Looked Like on 9/11/2001, shows an archive of internet coverage from that day – and it’s interesting to see how the Web has evolved along with us over the last decade.

Even though it’s the day after, we’d love to hear how you shared memories, made connections or celebrated unity yesterday. Where were you when you found out? How did you follow the story? How do you remember the events?




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