Stop marketing. Start engaging.

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Today was the annual F.I.R.E. Session hosted by our friends at Brains on Fire. It’s a day-long get together of the best and brightest from the marketing industry, and we had the chance to attend.

One of the highlights from the event was hearing Scott Stratten – author of Unmarketing and @unmarketing on Twitter. His messages on social media and marketing hit close to home, and I had to share a few of my favorite nuggets:

  • When it comes to customer service, people tend to be passive in person, but aggressive online in real time.
  • Brands are the individuals who represent them; we are only as good as our latest interactions.
  • The employees who engage the most with our customers are those on the floor – and are often under appreciated.
  •  A brand’s mission doesn’t matter if it isn’t backed up with action.
  • Companies tend to treat new/prospective customers much better than current customers. This can be a huge loss because loyal, happy customers are much more likely to offer referrals.
  • No one spreads mediocre content. Don’t just post on your blog or social media because you feel you need to keep a schedule.
  • Don’t make people work to read or share your content.
Among the other lessons in the presentation, I thought these points put social media, public relations and marketing in a refreshed perspective. I’m looking forward to reading my new copy of Scott’s book – but I’m interested in hearing what others think about the concept of “unmarketing.”
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