Shark Week Live

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It’s Shark Week!

While that may not mean anything to some, others know exactly what I’m talking about – a week’s worth of shark-filled adventure on the Discovery Channel. And for someone who is afraid of the mere thought of sharks, it’s thrilling.

This year, with the release of the Shark Week Live app for iPhone and iPad, one of the Discovery Channel’s biggest television events is now available on an even smaller screen. An article by Appolicious Advisor, Dan Kricke, shows how “the future of apps and TV appear to be totally interconnected” with the introduction of this app.┬áSure, TV-related apps exist, but according to Kricke, none have added to an audience’s viewing experience, most just duplicate it.

Now, viewers can watch Shark Week as it airs on television while simultaneously answering trivia questions, learning “Did you know?” style facts, and viewing photos not shown on TV. There’s also a chat feature that allows fans to talk to one another in real-time.

It’s great that the Discovery Channel has found a way to add to the Shark Week experience rather than hinder it with new media, because isn’t that our ultimate goal– to create something our users, viewers or audiences want to take part in?

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