Knowledge = Power (and better communications plans)

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Yesterday, Caitlin wrote about “going the extra mile” and how important it is to learn about all sides of a client’s organization and operations.

I thought it was a great post and wanted to add to it a bit. Developing client relationships and really taking an interest in what they do, who they are and what they want to accomplish is crucial in any PR plan.  Why?

  • It helps you understand the different perspectives among employees, customers and the community (which helps you communicate more effectively with each audience).
  • When you learn more about processes, products and technical aspects, you can speak more knowledgeably to an editor in the industry (which helps in media relations and communicating to external audiences).
  • You can plan more effectively (because you understand what is possible within an organization – and what isn’t).
Strategic public relations planning involves so much more than writing press releases and creating Facebook pages.  It really requires an understanding of specific industries, audience members and organizational goals to effectively communicate an idea, a message and a brand.
How have you gone the extra mile and helped to serve your client better?  We’d love to know.
Oh, and I’ve included a few other images of Caitlin from our trip this week.  She is such a great PR pro and we’re thankful to have her on the Full Circle PR team.
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