How do you disconnect?

By Posted in - Downtime & Social Media on August 9th, 2011 0 Comments

So, this post might be a little out of place on a Tuesday afternoon, but I couldn’t resist. Many of us consider mid-August to be the dog days of summer, and those long hours tethered to a desk in front of a computer might be getting just that much more difficult to bear.

With summer breaks in mind, Mashable has put out a call for photos and video of how the working world unplugs from technology. Liza shared her beach vacation last week, but unplugging could also mean sitting in your backyard or enjoying a book. Everyone has their favorite thing to do to get their mind off the Internet.

When you step off the grid for a weekend or extended vacation, do you miss technology? How important is it to take a break from the apps and websites you typically use everyday? Below is a picture of how I like to spend my time offline, what’s yours? (Then it’s back to work!)

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