Got a plan?

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One of my friends is always saying, “If you don’t have a road map, how do you know where you’re going?”

And while I’m not the kind of person who has to plan out every second of every day, I really have learned to love the planning process, particularly when it comes to developing public relations plans.

Why? Because planning usually involves big thinking, creative ideas and hope for the future.

It’s that time of year again where most of our clients are trying to figure out what 2012 will look like in terms of objectives, strategies, messaging and tactics. ┬áHeck, Liza and I are even setting aside time this week to develop a plan for Full Circle PR activities next year (which is also really exciting!).

Here are some questions we like to ask our clients, and maybe this will help you as you begin to wonder, dream about and envision what the year ahead has waiting for you or your company:

  • What does success look like and how do we get there?
  • What have we learned from our previous activities?
  • What behaviors do we want to change?
  • How will outcomes and objectives be measured?
  • How will results be reported to program managers and used to make program changes for the future?

Also, take some time to just sit back and DREAM about what success looks like for you. ┬áLiza and I are big fans of visualization – we know we can do anything we set out to do if we can see it as a reality in our minds.

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