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Business travel is common in our industry. Clients aren’t always located next door, and even when they are, there are still trade shows, events, conferences, etc. to attend on their behalf. Just this morning, I talked with Liza about the details of a trip I’ll be taking at the end of the month. We discussed rental cars, hotel arrangements, arrival times and more. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling requires a lot of planning and a lot of remembering (i.e. when and where to be at what time). With all this mind, and with the addition of some fun new gadgets to the FCPR team, I found Mashable’s article, 10 Money-Saving iPhone Apps for Business Travel, particularly interesting.

While some are more suitable for international trips, these 10 apps (compatible with iPhones and iPads) offer serious travelers a number of quick and easy ways to plan ahead and keep track of what’s going on during their time away from the office.

Check them out:

1. TravelTracker Pro – According to Mashable, this app is worth it’s $9.99 price tag, serving as your personal assistant and travel agent on the go.

2. Currency – Useful when traveling abroad, this currency converter includes over 100 countries’ currencies.

3. Trapster – An app that alerts drivers to speed traps, red light cameras and traffic accidents in the area

4. Babelingo – Another app most useful abroad, Babelingo provides key phrases in a number of languages.

5. Keypoint – Allows you to create presentations, practice speeches and download documents as PDFs while standing in line or waiting on a flight

6. Expensify – On longer trips, keeping up with receipts can be hard. Expensify allows you to scan your receipts and keep a log of all expenses incurred on the road.

7. Taxi Magic – Call a cab and watch it approach in real-time using a map view

8. TripDoc – Plug in all your stops, and TripDoc will create a driving route to optimize your travel time.

9. OpenTable – Allows you to make a reservation at a local restaurant without having to call first

10. Yammer – This social media tool for businesses allows you to stay connected to what’s happening back at the office

We’re always looking for new apps to use on the the road – have you found any worth sharing?


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