What inspires you?

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It’s the dog days of summer, and here in the Deep South with the humidity hovering somewhere around sauna and “can’t breathe” levels, everyone’s running just a bit more slowly.  We’re right at the halfway point of the year, where the holidays still seem so far away, but we know they’ll be upon us before we know it.

It’s easy to slip into the summer doldrums, and become complacent in a day to day routine. While routines can be good (trust me, I’m a routine kind of girl), the danger lies in becoming too comfortable.  Whether in your job, in the ideas you’re generating and executing for your clients, or even at home, too much of a routine can be a direct path to boredom.

I wouldn’t call myself super spontaneous, but I do like to mix things up from time to time.  Kim does, too. (See her blog post from yesterday to see what I mean).

Our clients depend on us to constantly provide them with the best, most effective public relations strategy money can buy. There’s no room for complacency here. We go to great lengths to make sure we’re up to speed on the latest trends, and have a point of view on what tools are right for each client (not everyone needs a Facebook page, nor does a press release work for every announcement, for example). And we work hard to make sure we’re generating communications strategies that work and show results – every time, for every client.

Little things can inspire me, too. Seeing the look on Shelley and Caitlin’s faces yesterday when we surprised them in the office definitely inspired me. Impromptu brainstorming sessions that spark an incredible new idea inspire me. Watching my kids laugh over something silly and spending time on the screen porch each evening definitely gives me inspiration.

What inspires you? How do you keep your routine exciting and challenging?  I’d love to hear your stories, too.


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