Want to see who is viewing your Facebook profile?

By Posted in - Social Media on July 26th, 2011 0 Comments

A part of all of us probably wants to know. But that’s the beauty of social networking – you can share and view photos, video and status updates with no one knowing who is looking at who.

But according to an article found on Mashable today, our online stalking way of life may be changing. A new startup application called WhoIsLive has set out to make any web page an online chat room.

The plugin creates a browser sidebar that shows you other users who are looking at the same web page. Using the sidebar, you can set a status message that everyone else on the page can see, or you can chat with people individually.

Theoretically, the tool can show you who is viewing your Facebook profile, allow you to ask for guidance from other shoppers on an ecommerce site or be used as a real-time discussion tool on blogs and news sites. The websites’ publishers don’t need to install anything for the plugin chat room to work on their sites.

While the tool may expose the voyeur in all of us Internet users, WhoIsLive opens a wide range of new possibilities for connecting with others online. But because users can only see other users, a critical mass of people will need to use the tool before it can be truly effective.

I’m interested to see if WhoIsLive or any similar applications gain footing in the Internet world. What does everyone else think about the possibility?



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