Pay no attention to the PR pro behind the curtain

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Contrary to popular movies and television shows that portray PR professionals as being the center of attention at glamorous events, such as press conferences, charity galas and media tours, almost all pros can attest that the public relations industry is very much a “behind the scenes” profession.

We might:

  • Plan and execute the logistics of a special event
  • Prepare spokespeople for media interviews
  • Identify speakers and organize key messages for a press conference

But at the end of the day, we’re positioning our clients as experts – as superstars in their respective industries, if you will – not ourselves.

In a recent blog post, Liza described PR professionals as being connectors, and I like this analogy.

Here’s also a real-world example from one of Full Circle PR’s friends and colleagues, Alison Storm. ┬áHer “behind the scenes” work appears in July’s SELF magazine, so check it out.

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