How To: Create an effective pitch

By Posted in - Media Relations & Public Relations on July 25th, 2011 0 Comments

Catching the attention of journalists can be hard. Journalists are always on deadline, have little time for nonsense and receive numerous story ideas and pitches each day. So, as a PR practitioner trying to tell your client’s story, how do you stand out in the crowd? A recent article from Mashable provides a great list of ways to perfect your pitch and engage with journalists.

1. Be fast. Respond as soon as you see the query and well before the deadline.

2. Be on target. Don’t respond with fluff – get straight to the point.

3. Be honest. Don’t offer interviews you’re not sure you can provide. Transparency is key.

4. Be personal. Take the time to Google the writer’s name before responding. Knowing a writer’s style can help craft your pitch.

5. Be precise. Make sure your pitch is straightforward and, again, to the point.

Using these tips to respond to a reporter’s query or craft a pitch will save both you and the journalist a lot of precious time. (Because none of us have much to spare!)


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