How do you deal with negative comments?

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Negative comments: Do you hide from them? Do you delete them? Do you use it as an opportunity to educate/improve yourself or others?

When we talk to people about brands using online tools to communicate – and engage – with their audiences, a lot of people are held back by the fear of getting negative comments, unfavorable feedback or unflattering reviews.  We”re definitely not the only ones to .

It”s easier said than done.  I know negative comments can sting.  But I also know – and have seen real life examples of – how negative feedback or comments open up the lines of communication, allowing:

  • People to tell their side or express their opinion.
  • Companies to implement changes to policies or products.
  • Brands to better understand the needs of their audiences.

People who have negative comments or who communicate a negative experience don”t necessarily want free stuff or to harm a brand.

They want to be heard.  They want to feel valued.  Perhaps they even want to make a difference.

According to Jen Lancaster”s recent post, “I should be valued not because an audience subscribes to my feeds, but because out of all the businesses struggling to make it in this economy, I”ve chosen to give that specific company my hard-earned dollars.”

What do you think? We”d love to hear about some great experiences where you received negative feedback about a product or service and used it to improve your offering.


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