Happy Day at FCPR!

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“There are many people who got you to where you are now. There are many people who care for you, who love you, who support you and put a lot of energy into helping you get where you’re going.”

What a wonderful quote from Chris Brogan’s recent blog post.

It made me immediately think of the awesome team at Full Circle PR (not to mention our supportive husbands, friends and family members).

Over the past two years Liza and I have learned so much.  One thing we know for sure? When you have great people on your team, you can do anything.

We surprised Caitlin and Shelley with something today to say “thank you for being part of our team – and for a job well done.”

Want to know what it is?  You’ll have to ask them…But we think this picture captures their surprise. 🙂

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