Combating “popcorn brain”

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Popcorn brain. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

“Popcorn brain” didn’t mean anything to me until reading an article from CNN Health a few weeks ago – but apparently we’re all at risk. Living in the Information Age, with technology constantly at our fingertips, we (computer, cell phone, iPad, etc. users) are more susceptible to this new phenomenon. In a recent study, researchers found that constant stimulation is actually affecting the gray matter in our brains.┬áThe study compared a group of 18 college students who spent over 10 hours a day online to a group who spent less than two hours a day online – the result? According to MRIs given to each student, students spending more time online had less gray matter, the thinking part of the brain. Online multitaskers were also less adept at reading human emotion after excessive time online.

So, in an industry where the majority of our time is spent online, how do we cope? CNN offers a few suggestions:

1. Keep a record of your online life

2. Set time limits for your Internet use

  • Give yourself time to work offline every now and then.

3. Stare out the window

  • Staring out the window allows your brain to slow down.
4. Establish “free times”
  • Allow yourself at least a few hours each night for offline relaxation.
5. Phone a friend
6. Get tested for addiction (Hopefully none of us are to this point yet!)
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