When the media calls

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Liza and I recently hosted a media training session for the Full Circle PR team – where we shared our experiences in working with the media.  One story in particular stands out in my mind, and I thought I would share it with you.

Shortly after graduating college (and at one of my first “real jobs”) I received my very first phone call from a reporter, who wanted to interview one of the agency’s clients.

Being a novice, I was so excited to get the call, I pretty much said, “O.K!” and hung up the phone. I ran to tell my exciting news to my boss at the time…and he proceeded to ask me a bunch of questions that I could not answer (because I hadn’t thought to ask).  Everything ended up working out, but I definitely learned the importance of finding out exactly what I needed to gather to be a resource to the media contact, while representing the client.

In honor of this first experience, I thought I would provide a list of questions I typically like to ask when a member of the media calls:

When the media calls . . .

§Ask what the story’s about – this is usually fairly obvious, but it never hurts to ask
§Ask what kind of questions you should expect – I like to share with the client to help them prepare
§Ask if anyone else is being interviewed – Really important for trend stories
§Find out the reporter’s deadline – CRUCIAL
§Schedule a convenient time to conduct the interview – If it’s a local interview, I always ask if the reporter would prefer a phone or in-person interview
Anything else that I’m missing?  Got any good media relations tips to share?  I’m all ears.


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