The best pie in town?

By Posted in - Social Media & word of mouth marketing on June 16th, 2011 0 Comments

We know word of mouth has been around forever.  People have been sharing opinions, experiences and favorite vacation destinations with family and friends since the dawn of time.  Online tools have just made it easier to share these thoughts instantaneously with a mass audience.

Caitlin recently mentioned that we were in Chicago attending a trade show. Before we left, we just had to try the city’s famous deep dish pizza. And because someone directed us to Giordano’s on Rush Street, that was where we went.

It was fabulous.

While writing this post, I did an online search so I could link back to their site, and found out they are on Twitter, too.  I have no idea why this surprised me!  I checked out their timeline and liked what I saw:

  • They seem to interact with people who Tweet about their fantastic pizza
  • They use hash tags to reach a wider audience.  I noticed that they used convention hash tags to let people know about their pizza.  (Hey, people attending #NeoCon11 and #ASC011 have to eat, too!)
  • Giordano’s shares pictures (a recent one showed Kendra Wilkinson who stopped by)

I’d follow them.  And I’d recommend them, too.

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