Social media’s impact on getting engaged

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As a newly engaged woman (just this past weekend, actually!), I found this article from Ogilvy Public Relations’ blog particularly interesting – and true. Titled “Social Media’s Impact on saying “I Do,” the article discusses how social media is becoming an increasingly popular part of some of life’s most significant events – especially weddings. Proposals are showing up on Facebook pages and in YouTube videos, while ceremonies are being streamed live across the Internet for guests who are unable to attend. Lake Tahoe destination wedding photographers and planners are beginning to showcase their work on social media channels and brides are designating “Chief Social Media Officers” to Tweet about their big day. (A whole new level of wedding planning!)

While I haven’t yet delved into the planning process, I know that social media has played a significant role in spreading the word of my engagement. Minutes after the proposal, I called my parents, texted my friends and watched as the news slowly made its way from person to person. Hours later, however, I posted photos to Facebook – and the news spread like wildfire.

My original plan was to share my big news with the Full Circle team at our Monday morning staff meeting, but with congratulations flowing in through a number of social media channels, the cat was out of the bag long before our 9:00 a.m. meeting.

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