PR Connects the Dots for Business

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People ask me all the time: “What does public relations really DO?”  My own mother doesn’t really even understand what I do for a living.  Doctor, lawyer, teacher, police officer – these are jobs she understands.  But PR? Not so much.

Rather than bore you with the official Edward Bernays definition of public relations, I’ll share my idea of how public relations assists organizations: PR is a connector.  Connector to what?, you might ask.  Well that all depends on what you’re trying to do with your business.

In the traditional sense (and what most people probably recognize), PR has served as the connector between brands and media outlets.  When practiced correctly (note I said correctly), PR helps provide timely, interesting, relevant editorial ideas to journalists and in turn, helps media outlets connect with brands to help round out stories.

But PR also helps with other connections: it helps develop community relationships (through events and grassroots efforts), and more importantly, customer relationships.

PR should serve as the eyes and ears with your market space, listening to what people are saying, and then bringing that insight back into the brand to help influence decisions.  In turn, PR helps take important information from the brand back out into the community so they’re informed, inspired and motivated to act.

With the advent of social media, PR plays an even more important role within the marketing wheelhouse.  Instead of the old-school idea of “one to many,” PR is now all about “one to one.”  There are a myriad of tools available now to help you listen to what’s being said about your brand and participate back in the conversation.

At Full Circle PR, we’re the eyes and ears within our clients’ communities: we listen, we ask questions, we take notes, we dig up research, we spot trends.  It’s this insight and research that helps guide client strategy.  And once the strategy is built out, we help take the message back out into the community.

How are you using your public relations efforts?  Are you still blasting press releases out to unvetted email lists and then wondering why no one responds?

Or are you using PR as a connection tool between you and your customers, you and your industry associates, you and the media? Allow PR to truly connect you with your community – and you’ll see the difference in increased engagement and ultimately, increased business.




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