Gaga gets it

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While scrolling through articles on Mashable earlier this week, I came across an interesting article about Lady Gaga’s use of the web to market the release of her album Born This Way. Gaga and her team used digital and social media during the months leading up to the May 23 release to promote the album and connect with her fans, more commonly referred to as her Little Monsters.

Before the album release, Gaga had already established a strong presence on the web. She surpassed President Barack Obama to reach 10 million Facebook fans in July 2010. In October 2010, she became the first artist to reach 1 billion views on YouTube. She also became the first user on Twitter to  have 10 million Twitter followers.

Gaga and her marketing team planned over a dozen digital and social media promotional initiatives for Born this Way. The promotions included a Google Chrome commercial featuring Gaga, a partnership with Starbucks for a social media scavenger hunt, an iTunes promotional countdown and other partnerships with Rdio, Best Buy, Gilt Group, HBO, Livestream and Gilt Group. One of the best surprises the Little Monsters received was a $.99 Born This Way album when they used Amazon Cloud Player to download it.

While Lady Gaga may be strange and over-the-top (sorry Little Monsters), she certainly knows how to get people talking. This is one of the goals public relations professionals strive for everyday. You want people talking about your client. Our main job isn’t to secure advertisements or create full-blown marketing schemes, but we strive instead to get the public talking about our clients.

Gaga and her team get this.  They understand the momentum needed for a successful product launch. They understand that fans can be the best way to get the word out. They understand the power of the web.

I have been doing a lot of social media research for my internship lately. It’s important to know what your competitors are doing on social media sites, what encourages interaction with customers and which companies have success in the social media world.  While most businesses probably won’t get the social media attention Lady Gaga gets, it can be beneficial to see how social media starts generate traffic to their sites.I’ve learned that social media success isn’t necessarily measured by how many times an administrator posts to various social media sites, but that the main goal  is to establish relationships with customers and fans while providing them with useful information.


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