Exclusive Facebook offer ends at midnight

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Did this subject line entice you?  According to email marketing statistics, chances are that it did.  A colleague of mine went to a recent email marketing conference and came back with these helpful hints:

  • If you include an offer, make sure you include an expiration date.  This creates a sense of urgency (and is masterfully executed by daily deal services, such as LivingSocial and Groupon)
  • Marketers that have a subject line with the words “exclusive” or “private” enjoy an open rate of 26% more than subject lines without these key ingredients
  • One of the worst times to send an email newsletter or offer out is on Friday afternoon.  You want to capture people while they are in front of their computers or receptive to emails (and most are trying to wrap things up and head out the door  on Friday afternoons).  Try Tuesday or Wednesday during mid-morning hours.

Also, here are some tried-and-true email marketing offers that work:

  • Free shipping
  • Invite-only offers
  • Gifts with purchase
  • Discount on next purchase

Have anything else to include – or want to share a success story when it comes to email marketing?  Please share!


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