Will Livestrong die hard?

By Posted in - Public Relations on May 24th, 2011 0 Comments

I was watching a 60 minutes interview on Sunday where a former teammate claimed that Lance Armstrong – the seven-time Tour de France winner and leader in the fight against cancer – was a user of endurance-boosting drugs. The use of these illegal substances and techniques are said to have contributed directly to his cycling success.

Although Armstrong and his representatives are denying the accusations, the claims are having an obvious negative affect on his image. This could be another public relations case study of an athlete who has fallen victim to his own wrongdoings and failed attempts at covering it up, but Armstrong’s good deeds as a celebrity give the story an interesting twist. Not only has he become a role model for cancer victims and survivors, he founded the wildly popular Lance Armstrong Foundation and Livestrong brand to raise awareness and funds for research and treatment of the disease.

So even if Armstrong has fallen from grace as a professional athlete, can he be saved by his positive contributions? Or will Livestrong go down in flames alongside Armstrong’s personal image? Check out some of the comments this story has received, and share your thoughts with us on the controversy.

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