What's on your summer reading list?

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Remember when you were a kid in school, and your teachers used to hand out the summer reading list?  You know, the books  you were supposed to read while on break so your brain didn”t turn into a sunscreen-and-video-game haze?

I actually used to love the summer book list because I, well, love to read.  Fiction, non-fiction, you name it.  I was – and still am – a book worm.

With the summertime almost upon us, I wanted to take this time to see if we could compile our own Summer Reading List.  I have a few suggestions to get us started, but I”d really love to hear what you”re reading now and why. It doesn”t necessarily have to be a business book, but I”d love to get some suggestions on those, too.

Here are some of my summer book reading list suggestions:

1. Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable Word of Mouth Movements, by Robbin Phillips, Greg Cordell, Geno Church and Spike Jones – Wiley Publishing

(Shameless client plug – we work with Brains on Fire). This book really drives home how companies big and small can work alongside their brand ambassadors and build word of mouth movements that work.  I love the part about treating your brand ambassadors like rock stars, and loving the people who love your business.

2. The 4-Hour Week, by Timothy Ferriss

I actually haven”t read this yet (it”s next up on my nighstand). But Kim read it and said while she didn”t think all of the tenets could apply to her work day, she did see the benefits of some of these time management tips. I”m looking forward to reading it.

3. , by Kathryn Stockett

Ok, this isn”t a business book, but this has by far been one of my favorite books I”ve read in the last year. (And they”re coming out with a movie in the summer 2011).  Having grown up in the South, I could really relate to a lot of issues this book uncovered.  It led to some great discussions with my mom, who lived in a segregated South as a child and talked to me about those experiences.

What book recommendations can you add to my list?  Maybe we”ll form a virtual book club where we can share our opinions and feedback! I”d love to hear yours.



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