Intern Insights: Week One Overview

By Posted in - Employee News & Public Relations on May 20th, 2011 0 Comments

As Shelley mentioned earlier this week, my name is Laura Morton and I am the new intern at Full Circle PR! I am excited to begin my journey with this company and plan to learn as much as possible during my time here while also contributing to the best of my abilities. My first week consisted of a lot of new information-both about the company and the various clients they represent. One thing I have learned from my previous internships is that the field of public relations has many different aspects. I have seen this pattern at Full Circle PR in the one week I have worked here. I look forward to learning more about the profession itself while also getting to see how Kim, Liza, Caitlin and Shelley work to make clients stand out among the competition on a daily basis.

While I believe my education at Clemson is extremely important, internships offer value that a classroom cannot. No matter how much I learn in a classroom, nothing can be substituted for real world experience. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work at Full Circle PR and can’t wait to share what I learn from the Full Circle team!

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