Influencers for design trends

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A few years ago I dragged my husband to watch Devil Wears Prada in the movie theatre with me (Editors Note: He actually liked it!).  While watching the movie, I remember a specific part where Miranda Priestly talks about design influencers – and how they trickle down to clothing, furniture and accessory trends.

If you’ve watched the movie, she talks about how Oscar de la Renta’s 2002 gowns influenced not only a variety of designers within the fashion industry – but eventually (and directly) reflected the color choices that later appeared in retail stores across the nation.

At the time, I took the monologue as overly dramatic – and unrealistic.

But as I work more and more within the home fashion and design industries, I see just how much of a connection there is between design influencers – such as the global economy, the cultural environment and fashion – and color trends.

And it’s really amazing!

Take, for example, Home Accents Today‘s 2012 color forecast.  According to the publication, bright and bold colors such as Royal Flush, Cyan Blue and Red Orange, are on trend.  It’s because they lift our moods and give us a renewed sense of hope, especially after going through one of the largest recessions in America’s recent history.

To support this view, I recently spoke with a designer who said:

“Color choices are fresh and clean.  When chaos happens in our culture, environment or economy, design and colorways becomes less complicated.”

More and more I’ve become an observer of what colors are in style.  It fascinates me and helps me better communicate trend information for my clients who serve the home accessories and fashion industries.

What color are you wearing today?  And why?

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