Hey, do I know you?

By Posted in - Social Media on April 8th, 2011 0 Comments

Over the last few years, I have received advice from a number of important people: my parents, teachers, employers and friends. People are always willing to give advice, but it’s your choice whether or not to follow. Thankfully, I followed (most of the time).

During college, one consistent piece of advice was to “be careful what you post online.”

At the time (and still), this advice made perfect sense. So, I took heed and posted only what I’d be comfortable showing my grandmother. But until last weekend, I’d never personally had an experience that made me thankful I’d listened.

I was chatting with friends at a wedding reception when a man approached, claiming to recognize me. I was sure we’d never met and his name didn’t sound familiar, but we continued talking and trying to figure out where we may have crossed paths.

As it turns out, we never crossed paths. He recognized me from his daughter’s Facebook page. He and I were not friends on Facebook (nor was I friends with his daughter), but somewhere along the way he had come across my profile.

As we stood there, also talking to my elementary school P.E. teacher and a former employer, I realized this conversation could have had the potential to be embarrassing had I not listened to my parents and teachers.

So, what’s the moral of my story? Treating social media channels as both a personal and professional tool is imperative these days. Almost everyone is online. And even if you’re “protected” by Facebook’s ever-changing privacy policy, people can still see you. Even if it’s only as a thumbnail.


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