Take the Leap

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I booked a date with my uncle to go flying soon (whenever the weather cooperates).  So, I’m committed.  Although I’ve been flying commercially within and outside the U.S. since I was six months old, I’ve never been able to shake the anxiety I feel during take-off, landing and every bump in between. Over the last few years, I’ve been traveling more and more frequently, requiring me to overcome my fear of big planes; yet, I still refuse to even look at, let alone fly in, small planes.

Soon, my uncle will be piloting the plane and taking me for a day trip – in a small passenger plane.   So the excitement/anxiety is beginning to build!

Whether in the air, at home or in the office, anxiety creeps in to all aspects of life.

Pitching a proposal or idea might cause you anxiety, or maybe it’s writing that stresses you out. Or, it might be public speaking that scares you the most. In the end, overcoming your anxiety is empowering. If you’ve done it once, you can do it again.

When we take the leap, and do something that scares us even just a little, it oftentimes turns into an opportunity to gain a new perspective. Venturing into new territory that may or may not be risky might feel uncomfortable for us, but the results can bring many positive results. I know after I take that flight I am going to be thrilled that I did. I’ll even post pics!

Have you done anything lately that was scary/exciting/brave???

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