Recent updates to “the journalist’s bible”

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Here at Full Circle PR, when we write news releases and other press materials for our media contacts – we live and breathe by the AP Stylebook!

In fact, one of the first questions we ask potential interns and/or employees during an interview is: “Do you know how to write in AP Style?”

Check out PRSarahEvans’ recent post on technology-centric updates to what is lovingly referred to as “the journalist’s bible.”

I have saved all my AP Stylebook editions over the years, and even have one dating back to 2000 (ancient!). It’s always fascinating to me what the certain changes are, and this year it looks like “Bluetooth,” “e-reader” and “Googled” have all made their way into common vernacular.

To stay current with the latest and greatest tips on using AP Style, I would recommend following them on Twitter @APStyleBook.

And for a lighter take on “style tips for proper writing,” @FakeAPStyle is entertaining, as well.

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