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We all know change is inevitable. But it seems like there’s always someone who resists change, even when it’s for the better.

Take the “green movement.” We have the opportunity to serve clients who care about energy efficiency, conservation and who want to be good stewards of the environment. They recognize not only the trend, but the importance of contributing to the green effort.

The lighting industry has been especially affected by the incandescent bulb phase-out legislation which is set to begin next year. The iconic, traditional light bulb that represents innovation is changing forever. The lighting industry must not only manufacture new, more efficient products, but also serve as a resource to educate consumers on the changes.

The official phase-out won’t begin until January 2012, but we’re already seeing a variety of reactions from consumers. One news story notes that 71 percent of Americans have already replaced the bulbs in their home with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs). But we’ve also heard stories of people who are actually hoarding traditional bulbs because they aren’t satisfied with the energy-efficient alternatives. Some say they prefer the light quality and brightness of incandescents, and others say CFLs and LEDs are just too expensive.

The reasons to defend against the phase-out vary, but CFLs, LEDs and other more environmentally-friendly options can be a better choice over incandescents. Still, not all people are willing to accept change, even when it comes to replacing the light bulbs in a home.

In our line of work, we have no other choice but to be flexible. Our values and the way we do business are consistent, but there always seems to be a new tool or tactic to use. Whether it’s using new outlets to communicate or the evolving the way we grab the attention of our target audiences, we not only keep up with the changing times, we try to stay ahead of the curve. We pride ourselves on looking for new and better ways to do our job each day.

Things will change. We certainly didn’t see the 130 year old light bulb changing a decade ago. What’s important is to see the benefits in each shift from the norm, even if it isn’t want you expected.

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