Why SNL is perfect for viral videos

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Saturday Night Live skits: They’re funny. They’re short. And they are so easy to share.

I recently watched “Saturday Night Live: Backstage” – a “behind the scenes” look at SNL.  An interesting point that someone made was that the popular variety show presents a perfect format (content, length, etc.) for YouTube and other sites that encourage video-sharing.

In our social media 101 sessions, we like to include the following advice on how to create compelling “viral” videos:

  • Be informative and entertaining
  • Maintain quality
  • Keep video length from 2 to 4 minutes
  • Be unique

Have you ever shared a video on Facebook or e-mailed a clip to your friends?  If so, why?  Did they include any of the “rules of thumb” above?

P.S. I had to incorporate the “Mom Jeans” skit in here somehow.  Liza and I crack up when we talk about it!

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