Weather Warriors

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Here in the beautiful town of Greenville, SC, we are really fortunate to experience lots of great weather – which typically includes mild winters.

However, over the past few weeks, we’ve received our fair share of what we like to call “wintry mix” and have even enjoyed some good old-fashioned snow!  Just the anticipation of snow changes the atmosphere around here, and when we actually get a decent amount (try 5 to 7 inches in ONE night) – well, that’s pretty amazing.

Our FCPR office staff has enjoyed working from the comfort of our homes over the past couple of days – but it hasn’t slowed us down.  In fact, we’ve been able to have some fun in the snow without skipping a beat in productivity.

It’s important for us to move forward as usual, because our clients, vendors and media contacts in other areas are still working.

We like to call working from home our “Virtual Work Days” and are fortunate to be flexible no matter what challenges we are faced with.

Here are a few shots we – the weather warriors – have gathered to share with you.

A view from Liza's window

Shelley's back yard - a true winter wonderland!

Caitlin's kitty, Clay, testing out the snow.

My husband and friend walking around downtown Greenville.

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