Report from International Builders Show

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This month I had the opportunity to travel to the International Builders Show with Progress Lighting.  It was so exciting to have conversations not only with editors with whom I’ve worked for the past four years, but also to meet with architects, designers, electrical and glass contractors (like and homebuilders – and to hear their questions and observations about the homebuilding industry.

One of the questions I received most often was about LED lighting.

  • What are the benefits?
  • How long do they really last?
  • Do they have dimming capabilities?

It was also nice to listen to the projects that each was working on – and what they are excited about in the future.

Because there is so much focus on limiting energy consumption in buildings across the nation, I hear the main areas of growth for the lighting industry are:

  • Retrofit projects – With more than 80% of buildings containing lighting that is 20 years or older, there is such a great opportunity to upgrade to more energy efficient lighting.
  • SSL – Solid state lighting is an alternative to the traditional incandescent solutions and is being applied to a variety of applications for energy and cost savings benefits.
  • Lighting controls –  Because of their ability to dim or extinguish lights automatically when they aren’t needed, lighting control technology can greatly reduce energy usage.

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the show and deepening relationships with those in the industry – and definitely hope I get the chance to attend next year.  If you were at IBS2011, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show – and which trends stood out for you.  Here’s a quick video of the show.

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