Here we go a caroling…

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Three things I didn’t know before the beginning of this week:

  • The popular Christmas carol “Jingle Bells” was originally created as a Thanksgiving song. (Thanks Cordell for that piece of information!)
  • There are Santa suits created for men on stilts.
  • I would be overcome by the Christmas spirit and wear a Santa hat AND go caroling (two “firsts” for me).

And I have Brains on Fire to thank for all of this.

We joined their team to go caroling this past Monday.  Starting at the Hyatt and making our way down to the Lazy Goat in the West End, we were armed with Santa hats, electronic candles and song books.  And we had a blast.

Just goes to show you, that every day can be an opportunity to learn and experience new things.

I’m really thankful for this past year and all the opportunities that have been presented to us so far.  And I can’t wait to experience all the future unknowns that life somehow always seems to present.

Here’s to stepping outside the comfort zone a little.  Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Yes, there was a Santa on stilts. We are glad he joined us!

When 20 people wearing Santa hats enter a room, it's an instant party

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