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What can be done in five days? Just about anything if you have a plan and a dedicated team.

Case in point: Recently, we had an opportunity to help Neal Prince Architects announce a merger with LS3P Associates, while hosting a press conference and luncheon for attending media and employees.  We had one week to pull it all together and had a great time working on such an exciting announcement for a company that has been in Greenville for four decades!

Some takeaways from last week include:

  • Create a plan and assign people duties and deadlines – and then review updates on a regular basis.  At the beginning of every large project or event, we pull together an “action item list” that has activities assigned to all of our team members. We meet frequently (in this case every day) to discuss updates, ask questions, revise plans, etc.  It’s a great way to stay on track, work as a team and get answers addressed immediately.
  • Use the strengths of other partners.  I love working with other team members at different organizations.  In this case, we were able to tap into LS3P’s internal resources.  They had access to in-house printing and creative services, so we were able to enhance the event with visual aides in a cost-effective way.  It was so fun to see it all come together on the day of the event.
  • Think about subtle changes that reflect your client’s culture and personality.  As a team, we hosted the event at a venue that was a little “out of the box” for a press conference – First Baptist Greenville’s Activities and Youth Ministries Center – but because it was a signature project that Neal Prince had recently worked on, it tied into the company’s overall business focus and philosophy – and worked really well.
  • Take time to celebrate.  Liza and I are big on the “Work Hard. Play Hard” mentality.  After the event, we were able to leave a little early that day and celebrate with our team a job done well.

It’s so rewarding to see special events come to fruition and know that every team member played an important role in getting the job done.  I am thankful for our team and know how important each and every one of us is to the final result.  Thanks to Neal Prince and LS3P for letting us be part of your exciting news and best wishes for continued success! (And thanks to First Baptist Greenville – your Activities and Youth Ministries Center is gorgeous and a great place to host an event.)

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