“Be great each and every day”

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I’m a casual sports watcher, I especially like football season and I guess I should mention up front that I’m not a Dallas Cowboys fan (in fact, I have been known to root against them more often than not).

But as I was listening to an NFL countdown show yesterday, the topic inevitably turned to Jason Garrett, the interim head coach for the woeful Dallas Cowboys.  At the beginning of the season, expectations were pretty high for this team to go far, even clench the NFC East and possibly head to the Superbowl.  That didn’t happen and with a 1 – 6 record, owner and GM Jerry Jones replaced head coach Wade Phillips with Jason Garrett.

After listening to and reading about Garrett’s philosophy on turning the team around, he said that he and his team can’t just focus on one big game, they can’t just focus on being Superbowl Champions.  They need to “be great each and every day.”

I love this mentality. It’s really a back to basics approach that prevents people getting ahead of themselves – and allows individuals to focus on how each decision and activity brings them closer to a larger goal.

I’d like to think that we have this mindset at Full Circle.  We don’t try to be great only on the days we’re pitching a new client or hosting an event – rather, we focus on doing the best we can at every task (whether it’s building a media list, compiling research or creating a presentation).

The best thing about this mindset is that it can start right now, today, and can be applied every day afterwards.  There aren’t any rules, except to try your best at the task at hand and take pride in your performance…and that’s a great way to start off a work week, whether you’re a player in the NFL or lucky enough to be doing what you love (running a PR shop in Greenville, SC for example!).

I think it shows when people, teams and companies put their best foot forward each day and strive to do their best.  What companies come to mind that excel at service?  We’d love to hear your thoughts…

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