“You have two ears and one mouth…

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…because you are meant to listen twice as much as you talk.” It’s a saying my fourth grade teacher would tell her class, and it’s always resonated with me.

But in the case of online communication, it seems like PR professionals have two eyes and 10 fingers, so we type five times more than we read. We seem to forget that online communication should have the same fundamentals as offline interaction.  And I’ve been guilty of talking (or typing) much more than listening (or reading).

I think “listen twice as much as you talk” has an application just about anywhere. Shouldn’t we aim to learn more about the people and happenings around us before we insist on putting in our two cents?

We challenge ourselves to take time each day to read national publications and blogs and also stay up to date on what’s going on in our clients’ industries. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it to take time to read (or listen to), what other people have to say before we consider making a contribution.

PR is a communication-driven profession, and I’d love to hear others’ stories about finding the balance between talking and listening.

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