Lessons learned from making mistakes

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As our dear friends (and client) at Brains on Fire have taught us through their new book, Brains On Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable, Word of Mouth Movements — “we are all in grad school.”

I love that phrase, and I couldn’t agree more.  Kim and I are amazed at the new things we learn every day as we grow our public relations agency.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in my journey, though, is to learn and grow from my mistakes. People make mistakes – we’re human (thankfully so). I make my fair share of mistakes, but I’m happy to report I almost always learn something new I didn’t know before.

The great thing about mistakes is that sometimes it takes you down a path you would’ve never expected. (This goes back to Kim’s blog post about tossing out the crystal ball and learning to explore new directions – something I continue to work on, too).

We have the good fortune to know and learn from renowned business coach, Jim Laseter. I give him so much credit for helping Kim and me keep our eye on the ball and stay laser-beam focused on growing our business.  And yes, he points out when we’re making a mistake – even if we don’t want to hear it.  It’s not fun to be in the wrong – but accepting responsibility for our actions and learning from the situation has been an incredible education for me.

I really do believe we have a scratch team of PR professionals on our team at FCPR right now – it’s a team that’s going to generate amazing results for our clients. Will we make mistakes? Yes. Will we learn from them and be better for it? Absolutely. The good news is that we’re a team – we’re all in this together.

What mistakes have you learned the most from? We’d love to know we’re not the only ones making them. 🙂  Cheers!

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