Interviews spur excitement at FCPR

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Liza and I have a lot of experience interviewing together:

  • When we worked as PR supervisors at Erwin-Penland, we interviewed a variety of potential candidates for the PR department.
  • During new business opportunities, we are interviewed by decision makers so they can learn more about us, our background and how we work with others to get the job done (and vice versa).
  • And in our first year at Full Circle Public Relations, we work closely to select new hires as we continue to ramp up our staff.

Well, we are at it again.  We are in the midst of hiring an account coordinator to join us and help us with day-to-day activities – media relations, writing, researching, etc. – for our clients.  And I was just telling Liza the other day how exciting it is to interview new candidates.  Not only do I love to meet young professionals and hear about their goals in pursuing a career, I love to share the vision we have at FCPR.  Among other things, we try to communicate the following:

  • We are in growth mode and need proactive, motivated individuals who can join us during this exciting time.  Not many people get to experience and watch a new company grow during its first few years.  And while we don’t think this opportunity is a good fit for everyone, it can be a great learning experience for the right person.
  • We run a tight ship.  We have heard that people actually say this about Liza and me – and we love it.  We have high expectations for ourselves and for our employees – and our clients also have high expectations for our team.  We are constantly challenging ourselves to give 100%, while producing outstanding results.  And we don’t cut corners to do this.
  • Yes we are human, and we make mistakes – but if we do make a mistake we should treat every one as a learning experience.  From our mistakes we have learned to communicate with each other more effectively, give our clients better service and implement policies that can ensure we continue to grow as professionals (and people).
  • Our culture is in our control.  When Liza and I were dreaming of merging our businesses last spring, we were very aware of creating a culture that is positive, supportive, enthusiastic and motivating.  So far I feel we have been successful in keeping true to our culture.  Bringing on a new team member is such a crucial decision.

We are excited about all our new hires.  They can help us grow and continue to provide stellar customer service for our existing and new clients.  And, alternatively, we feel that we can offer them professional development opportunities, invaluable experience and a supportive environment in which they can thrive.

What is your favorite part of an interview?  We’d love to know!

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