Building Better Relationships

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I really liked an article that I read the other day (in The Electrical Distributor magazine, August 2010 issue – sorry, couldn’t provide a link to it!).

It focuses on the importance of face-time in building relationships. While online tools can be helpful when working or keeping in touch with people who aren’t close to us geographically, it can be pretty easy to hide behind them, too.

I think the main points of the article can help us build relationships with the media, with our clients, as well as each other. They are:

* Deliver on promises
* Trust is the currency of a good relationship
* Entertainment (off the job activities) builds relationships

Liza and I always say that the relationships we create help us to do our jobs better, and I like to think that the above points are easy enough to carry out in our day-to-day activities. It all goes back into treating people how you would want to be treated.  What do you think?  What do you do to encourage face-to-face time in your profession?

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