Video killed the radio star

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O.K. Maybe not quite, but the song was in my head as I thought about writing this post.

Video has been incorporated into everyday activities across the board to tell compelling stories because, as Chris Brogan writes, it’s motivating to see a message come to life.  Just recently a local television reporter visited our office and told us that they were even being challenged to capture video of their own to share with their audiences.

It’s not like video is a new concept, but it was first an expensive technology enjoyed (and understood) by only a few – and requiring pricey equipment, an in-house studio and professional videographer.  Now that manufacturers are introducing video cameras that offer built-in software that allows users to easily edit video, this technology is becoming more mainstream – and more affordable.

We’ve recorded video at several special events for a few of our clients and have even challenged Caitlin to become aware of new ways to capture, edit and share video, essentially serving as our resident video guru.

So, my question to you is: How do you stay current with what video technology is available?

I’d also love to hear what video capabilities you’ve worked with and how you determine what level is needed for any given project.

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