Nothing wrong with a little competition

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Love this article! Even though you can get a burger practically anywhere (in any town) these days, it seems that there is still demand for a “better burger” using quality ingredients – from the bun to everything in between.  And customers are willing to pay a premium to eat what they crave.

And here’s what Five Guys founder, Jerry Murrel says about the competition:

“If I were choose between opening in a town with 100 burger places and one with none, I’d go to the place with 100 burger places. People eat burgers in that town,” Murrell said. “I like being next to McDonald’s.”

It’s interesting to me that the competitive nature of the burger business inspires people to offer better products (and I would imagine probably better service, too) to capitalize on market share.

It might be a little bit of a stretch to equate burgers with PR services, but as I was reading this article I couldn’t help but think of my own industry, in my own community.

If you aren’t aware, Greenville, S.C. offers a lot of opportunity for PR professionals at all stages of their career – from a variety of advertising/marketing agencies to in-house PR departments, as well as a great freelance community.

And I love this.  I want to work alongside of people who are smart, creative and bring a different perspective to the table so I can constantly challenge myself to learn new things, ultimately allowing me to become better at what I do.

(Thanks to Jim Laseter at Laseter Business Coaching for sharing this article on LinkedIn.  I want to give credit where credit is due…He is always in tune with interesting features, quotes and tips to inspire business owners and entrepreneurs.)

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