Beach bodies, best of and the economy

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Hot topics that encourage magazine sales can help PR practitioners with proactive public relations outreach. How?  Knowing what readers want (and in turn what editors want) allows us to craft our pitches more effectively.  And serving as a resource to media outlets can help us effectively position our clients in front of the audiences they are trying to reach.

According to a recent Ad Age article, there are a few tried and true topics that can help to sell magazines.  Among them are: articles tackling the important issues of beach bodies (who has a great one and who doesn’t); the always popular “best of” installments; and updates on that which is the economic roller coaster.

As PR practitioners, we may not be able to offer up clients who can speak to who has the best beach body or how the economy affects international trading activities – but we can take this knowledge to use it for our own pitching purposes.  Whenever I do a Media Training 101 presentation, I like to show people which topics the media traditionally gravitates towards.

  • Superlatives – first, most, biggest, best
  • Information that ties into current events
  • How a national trend/happening affects a local community
  • New developments or breakthroughs
  • How-to stories
  • Unusual/unexpected events
  • A story that offers compelling visuals (especially for TV)

And knowing this, we can counsel our clients on determining newsworthy topics.  What makes you pick up a magazine?  And how do you tie in what the media wants with your own outreach?

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