Liza talks about Nikki Haley’s family friendly ad campaign on WYFF

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Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not every day that a public relations professional is in FRONT of the camera.  Most times, we like to think of ourselves as behind the scene stage moms, coordinating media opportunities for our great clients so they can get their messages out to their audiences.

So it was kind of a fun surprise to have WYFF come out to Full Circle’s office and get Liza’s take on Nikki Haley’s new family, friendly ad campaign.

In times of scandal or crisis, it’s important to remember the fundamentals of crisis communication:

  • Tell us what you know
  • Tell it to us quickly (Don’t make us wait and speculate!)
  • Tell us what you are going to do about it
  • Tell us when it’s over
  • And then move on

Liza’s right, when it comes to a salacious scandal people are always going to want to know more, but if you can quickly address the crisis, do something about it and get back to work, it almost becomes a point no longer worth debating.  People make mistakes and if you can admit to them quickly (and honestly), you can move on a lot quicker (and in a less painful fashion) than the alternative. (Think Tiger Woods!)

It’s hard to admit when you’ve done something wrong, but haven’t we all learned that fessing up is ultimately the best way to handle something like this?  What are your thoughts?  We’d love to hear some crisis communications case studies out there!

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