It’s a Team Thing

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Extended team member, Ty, with Liza at a recent press conference.

Caitlin and Julie after a successful event at the BI-Lo Center.

Liza and I have been very mindful of creating a culture where we work very hard to produce results for our clients, while also fostering a fun, positive environment for our employees (who hopefully know how much we appreciate everything they do). As we grow, it’s crucial that we add team members who have the same mentality.

Over the past 7 months, we have added clients, projects and grown existing business.  And more recently, we have been coordinating a handful of special events for several of our clients. This means long hours, lots of meetings and coordinating the tiniest of details to ensure success.

We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without a dedicated team.  (I’m sure we all have experiences from school, jobs or projects where we had to carry the load of several team members – and that is never a sustainable, successful way to run anything.)

We’re all chipping in with one goal (create and execute successful events to communicate key messages to the right audiences), and it’s been a pretty painless process because we all share this goal.

Our work hard/play hard mentality will carry on.  And once all these events are completed, I can see celebrating with our team with a glass of champagne in our hands.

Thank you Liza, Caitlin, Julie and all of our clients with whom we have thoroughly enjoyed working with!!!  And Go Team!

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