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The Full Circle team has been helping with a lot of client events recently (see Kim’s recent post, It’s a Team Thing), and the topic has been popular at Social Media Club and PRSA meetings I’ve attended this week. Spring must be event season.

Regardless, working in the world of fast-paced, unpredictable event planning has been a learning lesson for me as a new member of the PR industry. Events are so much more than what is seen in the final product, and you would never know how many hours and people it takes to put it on if you weren’t behind the scenes watching its construction.

From both these meetings and recent personal experiences, I’ve learned that basic life lessons can really help the process of event planning and execution.

  • Quality is always more important than quantity. No matter what aspect of event planning you’re considering, high attendance numbers (quantity) don’t mean anything, if the message doesn’t reach your target audience (quality).
  • If you want attention, you have to be unique. Especially in recent times, you have to be different to make an impact. While you’re at it, offer something that engages your audience so you can learn something from them.
  • We not me. It’s never about you or the brand, it’s about the community. Greenville is a great city in work, live and play in, and anything that brings this community together will be widely accepted.

We pride ourselves in our ability to plan great events, and it’s a refreshing aspect of PR practice, although I can’t say I’d choose it as my full time job. I highly commend anyone who is in the event planning business.

Do you have any great stories or advice from your experiences in event planning? If so, we’d love for you to share.

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