Media relations, not rocket science

By Posted in - Public Relations on April 13th, 2010 0 Comments

Since I consider myself a new public relations professional, I really enjoy finding articles and blog posts that speak to young minds in the business. Bad Pitch Blog’s post Get Real About Media Relations recently caught my attention.

I knew before I jumped into PR that the industry tends to have a bad reputation. As this post explains, this negative view is often a result of professionals having faulty or no instruction in media relations.

Luckily, I’m learning media relations from a few reliable sources, and the practice is coming rather naturally for me. It’s frustrating to think that PR has such a bad connotation when media relations – as this post puts it – is not an art or a science, but just plain and simple organized follow-up.

This explanation goes hand-in-hand with the answer I often give when someone asks me if PR is a difficult profession – it’s not difficult, it just requires time and common sense.

I’d love for PR to develop a better reputation over the next few decades that I plan on spending in the industry, and I think more effective use of media relations by practitioners could be a big first step.

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